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Project Description

A Multi Targetted Rss Reader demo that shows how to multi target your view model across different screens (WP7, Silverlight, WPF, Surface).


As you may see in the above demo, almost 80% of the code is shared via multi targeting. The following classes we share include

  • RssReaderViewModel – Which is our actual view model.
  • RssEntry – The model element that actually holds a element.
  • RssReader – Contains methods for fetching the RSS feed from a remote server.
  • AsyncDelegateCommand – My own asynchronous version of delegate command.

In all the projects, you may see a ‘Shared’ folder, that has the links to the shared files in the RssReader.Common project.  The views are different per device, but the view model, the feed fetching logic etc remain the same. It is a quick demo I’ve put together, so you should add stuff like proxy support for the web client if you are going to test this behind a proxy.

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